Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to direct download Torrent files with High Speed

ByteBx is a better alternative for websites which you can download torrents directly. ByteBx offer 2.5 GB storage space for every free user and the downloaded files will be available for 5 days from the downloaded date before being removed from their server.


ByteBx Top Features.
  • Watch online - Stream your music and movies, view your photos and documents at any time.
  • Responsive layout - PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad friendly. Adapted design and usability.
  • Backup from anywhere - Upload your files from local computer, remote computer or server (http, ftp), bit-torrent network and more.
  • Technology - Created using innovative technology of own development.

Refer your friends and get Premium for free.

ByteBx have their own referral program and they are rewarding the user with premium points for referring friends to use their service which can be then used as a medium to exchange for a premium account.

You can get 100 Premium coupons each valid for 14 days. This is a quite simple and very effective way to get premium features for free.

ByteBx is a better alternative for ZbigZ and ZZLBox.

Just sign up and check the advantages of your private 2.5 GB storage. Absolutely for free.


  1. WoW. It's worked as charm. Excellent. Thanks :)

  2. This is awesome. Thanks :)

  3. Now limited to 100mb only...

  4. I use basically zbigz for torrent downloading. I always try to found torrent within 1gb

  5. To direct download Torrent files with High Speed you must have to read complete guide or must have knowledge about What is Torrenting or How does it works?

  6. Thanks for your advice, but unfortunately it doesnt work for me well. Only after using one useful app, I finally understand how to open torrent file in the best and fastest way.

  7. The second is that numerous torrents are phony torrents. This implies they will claim to be a certain something however as a general rule will be an infection or malware. how to torrent safely without vpn

  8. Great post! Thank you for sharing valuable information. Keep up the good work

  9. A user then visit torrentz2 website in order to locate a .Torrent file. Once the file is found, the user downloads this small file