Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Android Apps of 2012 - Published by Google

Google has published the list of the best applications of 2012 available in Google Play. Some of them were released in 2012, others have just received a significant update. When choosing the best apps, Google representatives did not take into account the number of downloads or rating, but headed by someone or own criteria.

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The folks at Google say, on Android devices every user should install Evernote for notes, Pinterest for customer social network, interactive book of tales Grimm's Snow White, readers of web content Pocket, service for booking plane tickets and rooms in hotel Expedia Hotels & Flights.

Application Ancestry will help you create family tree, Fancy allows sharing images, with SeriesGuide Show Manager can control the viewing of TV serials, Pixlr Express  is a free image editor and TED provides access to hundreds of audio and video famous people.


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