Sunday, March 10, 2013

Posterous is closing down on April 30, 2013

Posterous launched in 2008. Posterous users can share safely online using Posterous Spaces. Each Space can be customized with privacy settings, dozens of professional themes, and custom domains. Create as many Spaces as you need. Posterous users can set each Space to public or private. Public Spaces can be accessed by anyone, and private Spaces are only seen by who you invite. Posterous take away all the hassle of sharing online, automatically re-sizing and optimizing your photos and videos! Social media overload? Public Spaces can auto post to other popular social media sites. Posterous has continued to find new and better ways to make sharing simpler, more fun, and just plain awesome.


Posterous will turn off on April 30, 2013. Right now and over the next couple months until April 30th, Posterous users can download all of their Posterous Spaces including their photos, videos, and documents. Sachin Agarwal who is the Founder and CEO of Posterous has wrote a blog post about this.

If you have Posterous Spaces, read this post and backup your Posterous Spaces. 


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