Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apple iPad 5 and iPad 2 Mini to debut in March ?

Apple's tablet family has been receiving updates a few months ago, and now according to rumors and comments from analysts, it said Apple may be present with the fifth-generation iPad and the iPad Mini second generation as early as March.


If counted, and if the rumor is true, then we may see some updates from Apple's tablet family in just five months since the previous version was announced.

Mini iPad 2, like all anticipated, is rumored to be bringing the updated components such as the use of a faster chip, and if according to earlier reports, it is expected to include a Retina display it.

The same thing may also happen on the iPad 5 which may include components that are updated, and may be maintained more or less the same design with the previous generation.

However, as usual, it is only just the beginning of hearsay, and various possibilities can occur. But if true, do we begin to see the Apple tablet to receive updates twice a year?



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