Monday, January 14, 2013

Will Facebook Phone might announce this week?

Facebook will announce something new on their special media event which is on Jan. 16 2013. What is to be announced is still a mystery, but, some early speculation said it was related to the Facebook Phone.


Is this true or otherwise not fully known. However, various reports and rumors earlier this respect Facebook Phone has been said, as well as some say HTC as Facebook party partners.

Speaking of HTC, in the past they never present with the device HTC ChaCha, which includes a special Facebook button for quick access to various social sites concerned.

The Facebook itself started to focus fully mobile arena over from last year, where other acquisitions Instagram, they also began to introduce native applications, as well as its own AppCenter .

So, what is to be announced by Facebook this week? Is it a Facebook Phone?

Reference Source: TECHCRUNCH Photo Source: GADGET


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