Sunday, January 13, 2013

Consumer Electronic Show 2013 Overview

CES or name length, the Consumer Electronic Show held during this week in Las Vegas, saw several large corporations and small present with a variety of tools and gadgets is also interesting, as well as current trends show this year.

4K Television

Speaking of CES 2013, certainly one of the things that can not be omitted is television. This year, various companies present and 4K television show them to the public.

"= 4K resolution four-fold over the full HD."

Roughly, the 4K format gives users the screen with four times the resolution than full HD screens that are widely used today.

At CES 2013, the company attracted attention include LG , Samsung , Sony and Toshiba as well which brings its own television design, and a very sharp display it.

4K Television
Smart Phones With 1080p Resolution

Smart phones are equally affected with a full HD screen resolution displays since from the end of last year.

At CES 2013, one of the more talked device is Sony Xperia Z . It brings sized 5-inch screen, equipped with 13-megapixel camera and Jelly Bean Android operating system on it. Like most smartphones Sony, Xperia Z also waterproof, and brings a very attractive design and is liked by many.

Giant from China, Huawei and ZTE are equally not left out, which respectively show their devices.

Present Huawei Ascend Mate with 6.1-inch screen size, as well as Ascend D2 and Windows Phone 8 devices also their first, Ascend W1 . ZTE also introduce their primary device with attractive design, named as ZTE Grand S .

Lenovo, and several other manufacturers, including Alcatel also not left behind in the introduction of their new device.

More Powerful Chip Processing

CES 2013 can be said to begin with the introduction of mobile processing chips authorities, which will change the trend specification smartphones and tablets that will be released throughout the year.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 present which brings GPU 72-core, 4-core A15 CPU and 4G modem support it. At the same time, NVIDIA also emphasizes support photographed in HDR form attached along their processing chips.
chip processing

Qualcomm also introduced a new processing chip family , which Snapdragon 800 and 600 announced, bringing the use of performance 75% better than the S4 Pro, well equipped with LTE support, and the ability to record 4K video at 30fps using a Snapdragon 800.

Samsung joins not left behind to shock by announcing the OCTA Exynos5 processing chip which is equipped with eight cores using big.LITTLE technology. Huawei shared the same for which they also will be present with their high-powered processing chips in the coming months.

Also Game World Getting Attention

One of the interesting surprises at CES 2013, necessarily announcement from NVIDIA Project Shield which bring Android-based gaming control device, equipped with Tegra 4 processor chips, as well as the ability to connect to PC and control the game on it.

Apart from NVIDIA, Valve co partners they showed mini-PC optimized to run Steam, known by the code name "Piston" , as well as providing the initial idea SteamBox dealt with over the years.

Rift ocular that lets players control a virtual game dengann using special gadgets also similar to the general, who said the game might change the world. Currently, ocular Rift is still in the early prototype stage, and is not known when it will be realized.

Automated Guided Car World Start Getting Attention

Since Google introduced automatic car driven in the past year, it has been debated, and at CES 2013 this time, many manufacturers saw the car driven automatically.

Toyota by brand Lexus show cars with automatic drive support , which includes a detector on the top, such as displayed by Google.

Audi about different concepts , show cars controlled by sensors in the building, where users can "call" the car using a special application for it.

This is just a small part of some of the things shown at CES 2013. Of course there are many other interesting things, including PaperTab , tablet with 4k screen , screen flesibel and can curve , various types of cameras, including Polaroid camera with lens support can be changed.

Of course some things will set the trend shown during the world of technology, which will have an impact on a variety of devices and gadgets that will be released throughout the year.

So, at CES 2013, what interests you?

Photo Source: CNET


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