Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hyundai is going to Replacing Car Keys With NFC Technology

NFC technology is still new, and now increasingly popular among users of mobile devices to help them send the documents, data, etc., as well as make payments in some countries. However, the potential extent possible we will see in a year or two.

Hyundai NFC

From what share of the Hyundai, they later want to integrate NFC support in their car, as early as 2015 years later output.

By using it, users can lock and unlock their car by placing a smartphone on a special NFC tags, thus replacing traditional locks at the present time.

And more than that, it is also said to be possible soon and so will all the songs in sync automatically at the player in the car, and probably also the same users can charge their smartphone battery easily in the car through the use of wireless charging technology .

Everything is not possible through existing technologies today, and maybe by the time passed quickly, we will see a car with similar concepts soon.


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