Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apple Working On a Less-Expensive iPhone

Reports about Apple that will be present with their smartphones more affordable with basic features have been said over the past few months, and now again it is reported by the Wall Street Journal.


According to the WSJ report, Apple is rumored to be present with low-priced devices will be targeted at developing countries as well as new users. Buzz about the plan was heard over the years, and the WSJ says it will launch this year.

As the iPhone is now offered in two different sizes, which bring the iPhone 5 screen size bigger, then maybe we will see the iPhone deals with lesser features at different sizes.

In many countries in Asia, it can be said to be the top choice as Android devices offer as low as &99, compared to the iPhone which hit a price in excess of $649. Could the iPhone could soon compete with a variety of other devices at a lower price?

Source: WSJ


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